The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire p1

The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire p1

lasting for more than six centuries the ottoman empire has been known as one of the mightiest and longest lasting dynasties in world history this islamic run superpower is regarded as both a source of strong military force ethnic diversity and an empire with notable achievements in arts and architectural constructions history the ottoman empire was initially just a small balik in anatolia or asia minor a large peninsula in western asia which originated from the seljuk empire

A large empire that included modern day mesopotamia syria palestine and most of iran following the final mongol defeat of the seljuks in 1293 seljuk territory was quickly divided into small principalities which were led separately by various tribes including the ke in 1299 osman the first a descendant of the ke tribe established a formal government and formed the ottoman turks the name ottoman is derived from osman’s name which means athaman in arabic

The next few years witnessed the conquest of this small balik towards more powerful neighbors by 1326 under orhan son of osman the ottomans took control over bursa and the following years captured the byzantine territories bordering the sea of marmara making way for the ottoman expansion toward europe at its height the ottoman empire covered several regions including turkey greece bulgaria egypt hungary macedonia romania jordan palestine lebanon syria parts of arabia and a considerable amount of the north african

Coastal strip the most glorious period a host of scientists firmly believes that the most glorious period of the ottoman empire occurred during the reign of suleiman the magnificent a brilliant military commander religious leader as well as political ruler under his reign the ottoman empire started its massive expansion towards eastern europe and managed to invade several big cities in 1521 suleiman controlled part of the hungary territory and continued annexing hungary’s parts in 1526 by early 1529 the ottoman arrived at vienna

The capital of austria besides eastern europe suleiman the first also commanded the most powerful and modern naval force at the time to conquer asia his massive expansion turned this empire into an extremely large state and by the time he passed away its total population reached 15 million moreover under the reign of suleiman the magnificent this islamic rule superpower also attained considerable accomplishments in domains of politics law and culture specifically the reforms and attainments suleiman

The first reaped are called the golden age of islam which has exerted enormous influence on countries in the region and all around the world this period was also marked by major achievements in fields of science mathematics engineering philosophy medicine literature economics etc for example the ottoman was considered the pioneer in the field of vaccination

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The method of vaccination or variation referred to then as inoculation had been practiced for centuries against smallpox and ottoman lands before it was popularized in britain and europe in the 18th century by the wife of the british ambassador to ottoman lady mary worsley montagu in 1717 during the smallpox epidemic.

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