Victory of the Afghans in the Battle of Maiwand p4

Victory of the Afghans in the Battle of Maiwand p4

When Malala saw this situation, she lifted the Afghan flag and poetically inspired her countrymen. He said, “O dear youth, if you do not die in the battle of Mayvind, by God it only means that you will live as a picture of shame later on.” I will adorn this drop of my beloved’s blood on my forehead which has been shed to protect the motherland. Seeing the beauty of this drop, even a rose in the garden will blush.” ​​Malala used to say this and attack the British on horseback. Such emotional speeches and bravery of Malala raised the morale of Afghans.

They again Persevering and fighting, Malala’s bravery and the fierce attack of the Afghan fighters finally defeated the British army. But Malala did not live to see the victory of the Afghans. She was shot dead by a British soldier. After the defeat of the British, Ayub Khan buried Malala’s body in her native village. Malala is today considered a national hero in Afghanistan. Her story is taught in school books to Afghan children. I am also called Afghanistan’s Joan of Arc after Joan of Arc who fought against the British.

We have made a wonderful biographical documentary on her for you. Friends, there is also a tomb near Maywand which is said to be It is said that this is Malala’s grave. But one more thing must be mentioned here. That is, modern historians believe that Mayvind’s grave. The combative Malala is just a fictional character, a legend. Malala’s story is allegedly later made to glorify Mayvind’s fight. In proof of this, it is said that there is no mention of Malala in the books written immediately after Mayvind’s battle.

Even Amir Abdul Rahman, who played an important role in the events of this period, does not mention it in his autobiography. was But they also did not mention Malala. Nor is there any evidence that Malala was given the status of a national hero during her tenure. Viewers should also remember that Amir Abdul Rehman and Ayub Khan were rivals for the throne of Kabul in Afghanistan’s Game of Thrones. Perhaps that is why he did not give any importance to Mayvind’s fight so that his rival Ayub Khan could not become a hero.

So it is possible that Malala is a real character, but her story is a victim of narrator’s delay. However, whether Malala came to the battle of Dosto Mayvind or not does not make any difference to the outcome of the battle. However, the battle of Maiwand was won by the Afghans. Ayub Khan was now moving towards the city of Kandahar and the British could see the area slipping away. Now the British had two urgent tasks to do. One is that the deal with Abdul Rahman Khan should be finalized as soon as possible and the other is to defeat Ayub Khan.

The first of them was done very quickly. That is, after only a few days of negotiations with Amir Abdul Rahman, a deal was finalized. Under this deal, the British promised Amir Abdul Rahman that no British representative would be posted in Kabul. The Government of Afghanistan will not have political relations with any foreign power except the British Government. This meant that the foreign policy of Afghanistan would remain under the control of the British, which was their old demand. Similarly, the areas of Balochistan and the present Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which were seized by the British, were not demanded back by the Afghans.

The British had already made it clear that they would not negotiate on these territories. That is, it was almost a similar deal to the Gandmak agreement that the British made with Yakub Khan. The only difference was that this time the British were not sending a representative to Kabul as they had earlier sent Louis Quagnari. The British also promised to help Afghanistan in case of any external attack. Apart from this, Abdul Rahman Khan will be given a grant of one million rupees and some cannons. A few days after this deal was finalized, Abdul Rahman Khan reached Kabul.

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