Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 1

Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 1

A three-year-old boy was collecting eggs with his mother on his small animal farm. He said that a duck was sitting on the eggs. He was looking at her with interest and amazement. He asked his mother, ‘ Mom, why does this duck sit on the eggs?’ When the little children heard this, many questions arose in his little mind. When the mother returned home with the child, the child disappeared shortly after.

The poor mother kept looking for her child all day. But when he was found in the same farmhouse where he had gone in the morning. The baby had gathered some eggs, placed them on a pile of straw, and was sitting on top of them. That curious kid, that curious kid, wanted to see why he couldn’t do it if a duck could lay eggs Needless to say, the eggs were broken.

The three-year-old’s movements were very artistic, funny, but it was his curiosity that made him one of the greatest scientists of his time. This child is known to the world today as Thomas Alva Edison. In the series we are showing you the first part of the biography of the great scientist who changed this world. It is about 1860. Abraham Lincoln was preparing to become President of the United States and the country was in a state of civil war.

At the time, a 12-year-old boy, Thomas Edison, was selling newspapers and toffees on a train from Port Heron to Detroit in the US state of Michigan. He was a child of poor parents. He was heard to be a bit deaf, but he was almost deaf, deaf. His teacher kicked him out of school three months later because he had a big head and thought he lacked the ability to remember things.

His mother, who was also a teacher, started teaching him at home. Nature had given him very little, yes dreams, although he had very big ones. He wanted to be a successful businessman, he wanted his name to reach every single house in America. He had a brilliant mind for this big dream but no capital at all. Because no one was willing to invest in it and he had no investment.

Edison’s condition since childhood was that he would try to recreate and sell whatever he could. One day while selling a newspaper, he came up with the idea of publishing his own newspaper. He would pick up a newspaper from the printing press and watch the machine work. He had no difficulty in understanding how the printing press worked because it was a simple press.

He made his own small printing press while watching it and installed it in a train cargo bogie. He started printing newspapers on the same machine and selling them on the train. People were seeing for the first time a newspaper which the youngest seller of the newspaper had written himself, printed it himself and arranged to send it himself.

That is why some people used to buy this newspaper out of curiosity in the same novelty. But obviously this newspaper could not compete with the big newspapers in news quality so it was like not selling. Then one day the bogie where the printing press was installed caught fire and Edison’s press burned to ashes.

He had learned how to rebuild the printing press if he wanted to, but by then he had realized that the newspaper business was not very profitable. So what to do now? He did not find any gold ear. He poked his head out of the train window and ran along the track, looking at the telegraph poles and thinking.

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