Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 2

Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 2

He knew that thousands of message signals were running through the wires on these poles. While selling the newspaper, he saw telegraph offices and heard the ticking of machines. He had seen telegraph operators take coded messages and decode them into words. He thought that if he could make a printing press then why not a telegraph machine.

Just as he thought ducks could hatch from eggs, so why not? But now that he was mature, if he could make a telegraph machine, it was really a gold mine door for him, but the telegraph machine was more complex than the printing machine. Staying close to it was much more important than the printing press to understand it. So Edison decided to become a telegraph operator.

But the problem here was who taught him the difficult telegraph codes? So friends, I don’t know why every time it happens that when you decide to do something , nature helps you to the fullest. This is what happened to Edison. In 1862, Edison was fifteen years old. He saved a three-year-old boy from being hit by a train and dying. The boy’s father wanted to repay Edison for his kindness, but Edison refused.

He said that if they really want to help him, they should somehow teach him telegraphy or tell someone who can teach him. Coincidentally, the man’s father himself knew telegraphy. He taught telegraph codes to Edison in the joy of saving his son’s life. Edison stopped selling newspapers and became a telegraph operator. At that time the civil war was raging in the United States.

The United States was divided into two parts. The blood was getting worse. There was a lot of news from all sides. So Edison was always busy at work, but this job was not his destination. Here he came to see what rocket science was in telegraph machines that he could not understand. His co-operators would just finish their work hours and go home, but Edison continued to understand the telegraph machine during the work.

He had noted all the difficulties in sending and receiving signals. When the American Civil War ended in 1865 and the workload was somewhat reduced , Edison relapsed into creating his own idea, the telegraph machine. He left the day shift and started working in the night shift. There was not much work in the night shift, but there was plenty of time for experimentation and reflection.

He wondered why so many telegraph operators were needed to operate these machines. Can’t a machine decode an encoded message automatically? Is it possible to send messages to multiple locations at the same time from the same machine? He thought it was all possible, if tried, so he started designing telegraph machines that could do all this work. Edison worked as a telegraph operator for seven years, but it wasn’t just a job.

During that time, he had learned so much that he could build his own telegraph machines and roll up a bed of old machines, the same machines he had been operating for seven years. Were In 1879, Edison quit his job. It was time to make a fortune based on what he had learned from working as a telegraph operator for seven years While working as a telegraph operator, he traveled extensively to Boston.

But after leaving the job, he moved to New York. He had only a few dollars in his pocket, but his real safe was his brain, which was full of thousands of ideas. When he opened the safe in front of New York City business men, some kind people liked his ideas. With these favors he began to receive investments, and with this money Edison began to work on his own ideas for modern telegraph.

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