Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 3

Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 3

But his first invention was not about telegraph machines, do you know what this first invention was? Today there is a lot of talk about electronic voting all over the world including Pakistan. But the world’s first electronic vote recorder was invented 150 years ago by Edison in 1879. But this invention could not be commercialized. Politicians were reluctant to use this invention.

Perhaps they feared election fraud because of this invention. So Edison decided that in the future he would only design things that would have market value, that would be available to a large number of buyers, so he re-accelerated the work on his old ideas of telegraph machines because Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

Then came the soon-to-be-created automatic telegraph, the multiplex telegraph and the printing machine that sent messages to many places at the same time, revolutionizing the world of messaging. As soon as I saw it, the box of old machines became round and the name of Edison started ringing everywhere. What made Edison so successful was that everyone around him ran to him.

Big investors jumped into the fray and filled Edison’s swinging notes. The experience that Edison gained from working for the Telegraph for seven years, he successfully cashed in over the next seven years. The telegraph business was really a gold mine for him. By the age of 29, he had become a successful wealthy businessman. But the wealth was still far below his expectations.

He wanted to fly very high. So he decided to set up his own business empire, a business empire where he could design and manufacture things that would blow the minds of viewers. He wanted to be America’s biggest brand. In 1867, Edison set up his laboratory and workshop in Maine Park, New Jersey. The workshop was spread over 34 acres.

To work here, he hired the best scientists and engineers in the United States and built a strong intelligence team. Here he wanted to create inventions that he could quickly develop and market for the general public. In this way he could earn more profit in less time with less labor. He did not need much thought for such inventions. Scientists were trying to make everything from electricity to sound and picture recording machines.

But all this was happening in a closed laboratory environment. All of this was happening in the form of a research work. Many technologies were not yet commercialized. On the contrary, Edison’s strength was that he had mastered the art of commercializing technology. So Edison made the first use of existing technologies to create things that ordinary people could use.

He was called the magician of Maine Lowe Park because of his great inventions. The first of these inventions was the phonograph. It was such a simple recording device that the sound recorded on it could be heard with the help of just one pin and that too clearly. The first voice on the phonograph was made by its inventor Thomas Edison in which he sang the famous children’s poem Merry Head a Little Lamb.

This simple machine, like a cylinder, is actually Edison’s phonograph, the first commercial device to record sound. The invention caused a stir in the United States. The President of the United States and Congress called Edison and saw the beauty of this device.

The same device later reached homes in the United States under the name Gramophone. There was a difference between phonograph and gramophone. These were separate devices. And the Gramophone was not invented by Edison, but was invented later

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