Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 6

Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 6

He was also willing to make a huge investment in the effort to make a better bulb than Edison. Many business people are looking for someone who is a genius like Edison to help them create and sell better technology than Edison. They wanted to take Edison out of the market and establish a monopoly on the power supply business, taking full control of what Edison looked like at the time.

Then they found a genius from Edison’s company that they could compete with. The genius’s name was Nicola Tesla. Croatian-born Serbian scientist Nicola Tesla was an employee of Edison in New York. But one of Edison’s weaknesses made Tesla his enemy. Edison is accused of being a genius of good and evil, but also of selfishness. It didn’t matter if he turned a blind eye. He once told Tesla that if he repaired all his generators, he would give Tesla a bonus of fifty thousand dollars .

Did it But when he arrived to collect the bonus, Adens said, “I was joking about the bonus.” It was a joke or a hoax, but Tesla felt it was too much. Disappointed, he quit his job. The employee Edison lost to save fifty thousand dollars did not know that this employee was going to weigh heavily on his entire empire.Tesla soon brought Edison’s competitive technology to market.

This technology was Alternating Current or AC. The electricity from which Edison was burning the bulb was DC or direct current. The problem now was that Edison’s DC current was low voltage and could not deliver power over long distances. A new power house had to be installed at every mile to deliver electricity to a greater distance, meaning new investment per mile, while Tesla’s AC current could light up the entire city from a single power plant and The same power plant could deliver electricity thousands of miles away.

Now it was a game changer technology. One game changer was Edison and JP Morgan’s rivals, their rival businessmen and investors were waiting for such a technology. He understood Tesla’s idea and rained down dollars on it. Westinghouse Corporation, a large business company, bought AC Current rights from Tesla for about 1 million or  1.5 million. Production of AC current has started.

Many homes in New York also began to receive electricity from AC currents. In that case, Edison would have to compete with a business idea. But he turned out to be stubborn and egoistic. He believed that his technology was the best and that he had no rivals. In this misunderstanding or misunderstanding he started trying to stop the spread of AC current.

This clash between Edison and Tesla is remembered in history as the War of the Currents. In the War of the Currents, Edison played every dirty trick, every bad game. At his request, the animals were killed by applying AC current. Even Edison suggested using AC current to execute a human being. He was doing all this because the AC current was his invention of his rival Kharif Tesla and instead of competing with the AC current Tesla he was bent on defaming the AC current with good tactics.

He also printed thousands of pamphlets against the government and distributed them among the people. All this was done to prove that AC current is dangerous and to discredit Tesla and this current in the market. People became afraid of this current and this technology flop. Be done But is there any technology that can get out of the market just because of propaganda? New and affordable technology, no matter how good, is not impossible to beat. Edison was stubborn, but his business partner, JP Morgan, understood.

He realized that Edison’s stubbornness could drown out his entire investment. So he did what Edison did with Tesla to stay in the electricity market. In other words, JP Morgan, regardless of his old relationship with Edison, selfishly formed his own separate power company under the name of General Electric. Since Edison’s power company was also running on Morgan’s investment, it merged with General Electric.

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