Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 8

Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 8

Many people will start looking at it and its profit will decrease. So in his greed for more profit he rejected the idea of making a projector and here again he was killed. Because some people were working on the same idea. And soon such devices began to come on the market that packed the kinetoscope. First, in 1895, two French scientists shocked by showing a video from a projector on a cloth screen in Paris.

Since then, a projector called FantoScope has been launched in the United States, which is considered to be the first regular cinema screen today. And Edison’s kinetic scope was no more important than this projector. This is the second time Edison’s business is on the brink of collapse after failing in the electricity business. But this time, Edison was smart, he knew that business is not about bargaining. So he bargained.

He bought the rights to the fantascope from Thomas Armat, the owner of the fantascope. He then improved the FantoScope and developed a cinema machine called the WhiteScope, which drove the rest of the competitors out of the market. After the White Scope, in 1896, Edison developed another cinema machine called the Project Scope. Dostoyevsky has been the breadwinner of the American cinema industry for years, having been made from Edison’s cinema machines.

This is how the Hollywood film industry was born. Motion Pictures and the silent movie Silent Movies started the era of movies before Talk Keys. This technological revolution was made possible by Edison’s invention of video cameras and projectors, meaning we could say that without Edison, Hollywood and the cinema might have flourished in a different way, and yes Edison’s Black Maria Studios.

He also continued to make videos and in twelve years twelve hundred films were made. Edison has since succeeded in creating both voice and video recording devices. So he started trying to make a device in which the sound can be heard along with the video, ie the technology of converting dumb movies into talking movies. He got some success in this but he used it better and more commercially.

Could not make This project was terminated in 1915. Sometime later, however, in the 1920’s, some other scientists developed and brought to market a better and more usable technology for making talking movies instead of dumb movies. But my Curios Fellows cinema machine and video camera were not Edison’s final destination. He followed the Sky from the limit.

After his success in Motion Pictures, Edison has ventured into many other areas of business. The companies he founded manufactured fans, motors, gramophones, electrical appliances and even medical equipment and plastic packaging. Every Edison product had its name written on it, and every company advertisement claimed that there was nothing better than Edison products.

Thus, Edison’s name became a guarantee of quality , he became a brand in the United States, his dream of becoming a rich and business brand from the age of twelve was fulfilled. He was getting old now, apparently he had got everything. But at an age when people can’t stand the loss of a penny in the earnings of their blood and sweat, Edison saw five million dollars burning before his eyes, but he did not touch it.

In December 1914, a fire broke out at Edison’s West Orange New Jersey plant. Thirteen buildings were burnt to ashes. Edison was there too, watching his life’s earnings burn before his eyes. But he did not have a heart attack or any problems. He said to his son Charles, “Son, go and get your mother and all her friends.

They will never see such a scene of fire again.” Charles, hearing his father’s words, may have thought that he was too old to talk nonsense. But it was not a big deal. He was taking a paper pen and making a list of things he needed to rebuild his plant.

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