Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 9

Who was Thomas Alva Edison Part 9

A reporter present there was curious to see his action. He thought, look, what is this person writing now after seeing his loss? When he asked Edison about it, Edison’s answer surprised him. “I’m 67, but I’ll make a fresh start tomorrow,” Edison said. Upon hearing this, the reporter, like Charles, may have had some doubts about Edison’s mental health. But Edison was not joking at all.

The damage to the plant was estimated at  3 million to 5 million when the fire brigade contained the blaze. Three to five million dollars, but Edison also made fun of the news of the loss. He still had enough money to rebuild the plant. Although it was heartbreaking to reinvest after a major loss, Edison knew his name was a brand. As soon as his plant starts working again, his profit will be returned and the loss will be made up.

So he rebuilt the plant and made up for the loss in a short time. Even in his old age, Edison worked like a young man, enjoying visiting his plants and guiding his workers in all matters. But old age never comes, it brings with it many diseases. So Edison’s digestion was getting worse. The kidneys were also responding. At one point in his diet, he stopped eating, now he drank only milk, or took a puff of cigar for a job.

He left his business to his son Charles and retired. He was now mostly seen with his friend Henry Ford. Henry Ford was previously an engineer at Edison’s own company, and at the same time became friends with Edison. Henry then started a car manufacturing business under the Ford Company name. It is said that Edison also made electric cars and Henry Ford was going to buy 100,000 batteries from Edison to make electric cars but for some reason this deal could not be finalized.

Even after this failed deal, their friendship did not change. The two had formed a group with some of their other friends which they called Vegabands. These people used to go on sightseeing and parties together. Edison had become a kind of celebrity, living legend among Americans. He was considered one of the greatest inventors of his time and one of the greatest businessmen in America.

Modern America was running on technology made by him so people were crazy about it. There is hardly a scientist in the world who has received so much honor and fame and so much money in his life. Celebrations were held in his honor. People would order him to listen to My Head A Little Lamb. This was the same scene he had recorded on his first invention phonograph.

The press headlined everything he said and everything related to it. But over time, Edison’s condition worsened. In 1931, while Edison was living in West Orange, New Jersey, his condition worsened and he was bedridden. As reporters camped outside his home in West Orange County, Edison was slowly dying and news of a slight change in his condition made headlines in American newspapers.

Finally, on October 18, 1931, at the age of eighty-four, Edison died. His coffin was kept in his laboratory for two days, where more than 50,000 people saw him for the last time. On the third night, US President Herbert Hoover asked people on the radio to turn off the electricity in their homes for a minute in memory of Edison. So the lights went off all at once in the United States.

It was an expression of what America would look like without Edison. Edison was buried near his home in New Jersey. One thousand and ninety-three inventions are registered in the name of Edison. Monuments and statues have been erected in the United States, and many of the institutes named after him have been named as historic sites or historic sites. Friends, have you ever had an idea that would completely reshape an existing technology?

Definitely must have come, need us in the comments. Friends, if you haven’t seen the first part of Edison’s wonderful biography, click here to see it. Check out the story of the American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s biography while here is a great documentary series about the strengths and weaknesses of countries around the world.

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